FCR’s Silver Anniversary – Celebrating 25 Years

ATLANTA, GA, July 25, 2022

Full Circle Family & Friends,

It was an honor being able to gather our first supporters, clients, and partners to celebrate Full Circle Restoration’s Silver Anniversary at the Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta yesterday. We are so thankful and honored to have been able to see the impact our team has had on the community over the past 25 years.

When I started my career 34 years ago as an associate at Munters, I had no idea how impactful those relationships that I made would be in my future. While having conversations with colleagues and friends, I saw the need for a restoration company that was able to provide a full circle of disaster recovery services. With the help of my family, colleagues, and clients, I was able to start building a company with the mission of helping businesses restore and rebuild during their most vulnerable times. I set out to hunker down and work hard to build something I was proud of. In 1997, I launched Full Circle Restoration, and in 2000, my partner and CFO, Dan Duke, joined us to help further that mission and build our future.

Over the past years, our team has grown exponentially so we could continue providing superior services to our clients. As our team and company grew, we also knew that we needed to expand our response locations and the services we provided. In 2021, we had the honor of joining the Cotton Holdings family. It only made sense for our next step: to join a company with a like-minded culture and history of nationwide success in the disaster recovery and restoration industry. We are so thankful for their support and honored to be a part of their family.

Behind every successful man are his family, friends, and colleagues that have helped pave the way for his future. I am no different. I could not have done this without my wife, Michelle, my executive team, Dan Duke and John Irvine, and my entire team at Full Circle. I am so thankful to be celebrating this monumental time amongst friends, and we know that we will be around for many years to continue making the Full Circle Difference.


Orlando Ojeda

Founder & CEO, Full Circle Restoration, LLC