Do you suspect Contamination?


Review a list of notable Environmentally-focused Projects below to see how we have helped customers with downtime at their property.

We understand that accidents and tragedy can strike in an instant and animal, viral, bacterial, fungal, microbial, chemical, contaminated water, and fire can render a work or living are unsafe.  The longer your facility or home is exposed to these hazardous elements, the more dangerous the environment and in some cases the more damage that is done…

Our goal is to create a safe work environment, minimize downtime, reduce negative impact, and get you back to normal quickly.  That is why Full Circle Restoration will clean your facility following US EPA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines and IICRC and RIA industry accepted standards and protocols and use a combination of Hand Wiping and Electrostatic Sprayers with a US EPA Registered Disinfectant for quality cleaning and a safer work environment.

We respond immediately to your call with the assets and resources to make things happen fast including Emergency Board-up, Water Extraction, Insurance Claim Documentation & Facilitation, Dehumidification, Emergency and Deep Cleaning and other essential services.  One of our professional mitigation experts follows up with an on-site inspection and insurance claim compliant estimate(s). Review our list of services for other Hazard Services.

 FCR uses a combination  of Hand Wiping and Electrostatic Sprayers with a US EPA Registered Disinfectant for quality cleaning and a safer work environment

Notable Examples Non-COVID-19 Environmental Projects

Type Contaminant Client Environment
Microbial GrowthStachybotrys & AspergillusUS CDCLaboratory Storage Room
Microbial Growth StachybotrysMunicipal Gov’t Ctr.General Assembly Hall
Microbial Growth StachybotrysMunicipal Gov’t Ctr.HVAC Chiller & Ducts
Microbial Growth Stachybotrys & AspergillusClass A Office ComplexBank & Offices
Microbial Growth Stachybotrys & AspergillusMultifamily ComplexRental Apartments
Accidental Release 5-Acids BlendedMajor ATL UniversityAcademic Laboratory
Accidental ReleaseGrease Trap Back-upMajor ATL Retail MallFood Court
Accidental ReleaseGrease Trap Back-upMajor ATL Retail MallOut Parcel Restaurant
Accidental ReleaseHydraulic Oil SpillGeneral ContractorMajor GA Univ. Project
Accidental ReleaseHydraulic Oil SpillIndustrial Complex GCMajor Mfgr. Parking Lot
VandalismFire ExtinguisherHealth & Fitness FacilityOffices & Exercise Area
Accidental Release / Fire2,800 US Gals. Diesel-based Fuel OilClass A Office & Hospitality High-riseRoof-top & Street-level & Storm Drain System
Water Damage1.2mm Gals. CAT 3 & 330k Gals. Mud/MuckMajor ATL Retail MallData, Electrical, Storage
Water DamageCAT 3 WaterPump/Riser Mfgr.350,000 SF Mfg. Facility
Water DamageCAT 3 / Hurricane / FloodingMajor TX Theme ParkConvention, Visitor & IMAX Theater
BiohazardCAT 3 / Sewage Back-upMajor ATL UniversityStudent Cafeteria Kitchen
BiohazardCAT 3 / Sewage Back-upClass A Office High-riseRestaurant/Cafe Dining
BiohazardCAT 3 / Sewage Back-upMunicipal Gov’t Ctr.Mayor’s Office , Hallways & Common Areas
BiohazardCAT 3 / Sewage Back-upMajor ATL HospitalOperating Rooms
BiohazardCAT 3 / Sewage Back-upMajor Private ATL Univ.Healthcare – HIV/AIDs Clinic
BiohazardFecal Matter VandalismClass A Office@ 5,000 SF Common Areas
BiohazardMurder-SuicideClass A Office High-riseOutdoor Café/Break Area
BiohazardSuicide AttemptMajor ATL UniversityDormitory Room
BiohazardSuicide TraumaSingle Family HomeRetired Pro Football Player’s Kitchen
BiohazardSuicide TraumaMultifamily ComplexBedroom & Bathroom
BiohazardBody DecompositionMultifamily High-rise Bedroom & Neighbor’s Condo
BiohazardListeriaCommercial BakeryBaked Goods Production
BiohazardMRSAMajor ATL UniversityMen’s Varsity Athletics Locker Room
BiohazardInfantigo Major ATL UniversityDormitory Rooms
BiohazardPigeon FecesATL AirportPassenger Terminals
Healthcare HazardGnat InfestationMajor ATL HospitalOperating Rooms & HVAC
Fire Mitigation & Hazmat ReleaseFire / Smoke / SootBattery Distribution Ctr. Offices & Warehouse
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootCommercial BakeryBaked Goods Production
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootHealthcare OB/GYNEntire Office/Clinic
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootMultifamilyComplex Clubhouse
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootMultifamily14 Apartments
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootMunicipal Gov’t.Recycle Ctr. Production
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootCelebrity Owned StudioWardrobe & Studio Areas
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootHigh-end Lumber YardCustom Trim Production
Fire MitigationFire / Smoke / SootSingle Family HomeMulti-Million Dollar Home
HazmatRenovation – LeadSingle Family HomeWhole Home
HazmatAbatement – ACMMajor ATL HospitalPatient Care Area
HazmatMercury Collection Major ATL UniversityAcademic Laboratory
HazmatAcidMajor ATL UniversityAcademic Laboratory

2020 COVID-19 Project Stats (Jan 1, 2020 – June 30,2020)

Type Contaminant Client Environment
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tATF
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tCensus (x4)
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tDept. of Labor
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tFederal Reserve (x2)
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tFTC
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tNRC
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tTSA
BiohazardCOVID-19US Gov’tHealthcare-VA (3x)
BiohazardCOVID-19GA State Gov’tGA Envir Fin Auth (x7)
BiohazardCOVID-19GA State Gov’tGA State Toll Auth
BiohazardCOVID-19GA State Gov’tConvention Ctr.
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t Ctr.Airport
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t Ctr.Area Transit
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t Ctr.Arts Ctr
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t CtrCourthouse (x5)
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t CtrHealthcare
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t CtrLaw Enforcement (x2)
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t CtrMayor’s Office , Hallways & Common Areas
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t Ctr.Offices (x12)
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t Ctr.Sports & Rec (x15)
BiohazardCOVID-19Municipal Gov’t Ctr.Watershed (x5)
BiohazardCOVID-19EducationAcademics (x3)
BiohazardCOVID-19EducationHealthcare (x6)
BiohazardCOVID-19EducationLaboratory (x21)
BiohazardCOVID-19EducationLaw Enforcement (x2)
BiohazardCOVID-19EducationSports & Rec (x9)
BiohazardCOVID-19EducationUniversity Housing (x8)
BiohazardCOVID-19CommREFinancial (x3)
BiohazardCOVID-19CommREHealthcare (x2)
BiohazardCOVID-19CommREOffices (x72)
BiohazardCOVID-19ConstructionAssisted Living
BiohazardCOVID-19ConstructionLaboratory (x2)
BiohazardCOVID-19ConstructionOffices (x8)
BiohazardCOVID-19HealthcareHealthcare (x2)
BiohazardCOVID-19InsuranceOffices (x3)