Insurance Claims

Art of Negotiation

We find ourselves in some of the most amazing facilities and the most challenging environments and many times the incidents involve insurance claims.  Full Circle Estimators are Mitigation and Insurance Claim Facilitation Experts.  Some of our Estimators have been and remain licensed Insurance Adjusters.

We find this helps them relate to and better work with independent and captive/staff adjusters in facilitating the Filing of the claim, the negotiation of Project Scope and finding appropriate placement under the available coverage for the mitigation, remediation/abatement, and restoration work required to return the property to pre-loss condition.  Ultimately, this accelerates reaching a fair and reasonable insurance claim settlement for each party.

We understand that the tenure of our staff is much longer than that of most of our competitors at over 9 Years with Full Circle.  Additionally, our team is much more experienced than most in our industry.  Our Mitigation/Estimation Experts average over 29 Years and our Management Team averages over 21 Years Industry-Related Experience.

This experience translates into more value for our Clients and Customers and a faster, easier, more convenient, and more efficient experience for the Insurance Adjusters and Carriers at a savings.

Full Circle Restoration works in some of the most amazing facilities… including mitigating a water damage in the facility with the World’s Tallest Spiral Staircase as the facility is near ready to open…


Understanding Insurance Claim Process

Understanding an Xactimate Estimate