Strategic Positioning

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Full Circle’s headquarters, in Duluth, GA is strategically positioned to provide the most travel and commute options for our teams to respond to your facility faster. Our competitors who are based on the West side of town don’t have the same number of traffic relief options. Full Circle can call on any North/South options in our corridor, including:

  • I-85,
  • Peachtree Parkway/GA-141,
  • Buford Highway,
  • Peachtree Industrial Boulevard,
  • GA-400/US-19,
  • GA-9,
  • GA-29.

Our facilities are also uniquely designed to serve as a launch pad for immediate response and as home to a tremendous selection of large and small-scale structural drying, dehumidification equipment, and specialty equipment. This allows Full Circle to handle most situations experienced by commercial, institutional, industrial, municipal, healthcare, and residential facilities without the need to rent equipment, which delays progress and increases project costs.


We solve our customers’ emergency mitigation and restoration issues utilizing specialty equipment, technology and our fleet of vehicles and uniquely designed trailer-mounted equipment.

We understand that catastrophe, tragedy and disaster can strike in an instant and the longer your facility or home is exposed to the elements, the more damage that is done… That’s why we have invested heavily in “top-of-the-line” tools and equipment and the continuous training needed to use it properly and effectively across a variety of hazards within a broad spectrum of environments.

Our goal is to minimize downtime, reduce negative impact, and get you back to normal quickly. We know we can lower expense and downtime when we can be at your property immediately after an incident, so give us a call as soon as you become aware of an occurrence.


As a restoration contractor you can build the nicest and fanciest facility and buy the best tools, however, ultimately, to be a first-class provider delivering world-class service, you have to employ the best Team, who knows how to use those high-tech tools and execute the response plan and established protocols consistently, as well as treat customers the way they want to be treated.

This is why the core of our Team are members of our own staff, who we invest in heavily, who are required to meet the highest performance standards, and are compensated based on personal performance, team performance, and held responsible for customer satisfaction.

This is one of the reasons that the average tenure of our staff tends to be much longer than that of our primary competitors… averaging over 9 Years employment with Full Circle. Additionally, our team is much more experienced than most in our industry.


Full Circle is in the business of Mitigation, not just Construction…

We work hard to get our customers back in business quickly after the chaos of a disaster, though managed teams, established protocols and industry recognized processes. Our teams follow certain standardized business practices to ensure quality and reduce risk for our company and that of our clients and customers.

Additionally, we vet our subcontractors and periodically and annually validate maintenance required insurance coverage and other metrics.


Full Circle Restoration is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees and the public. Full Circle’s commitment is to maintain a culture that fosters the development of a safe, efficient and environmentally sound workplace. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and apply reasonable standards where laws and regulations do not exist.

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