After the Disaster:
Dos & Don’ts

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Full Circle’s 30,000 SF facility, located in Duluth, GA, serves as a launchpad for teams of trained and certified mitigation specialists and insurance claim facilitation professionals.

It also serves as home to a tremendous selection of large and small scale structural drying and dehumidification equipment ranging from the most compact, closet-sized, conventional dehumidifiers all the way up to seven large-scale, Top-of-the-Line and State-of-the-Art, Stultz Desicare Trailer-Mounted Desiccant-Dehumidification and Structural Drying Systems, and over 40 vehicles.

This facility also not only acts as a staging area for our large inventory of equipment, it is perfectly laid out to facilitate insurance claims, which include content management, manipulation, cleaning, decontamination and restoration.  It also includes an Equipment Decontamination Station, an Ozone Chamber, Document Drying Chamber, 10,000 SF of Contents Preservation/Restoration and Storage Bays, as well as administrative and management offices.

Insurance Claims Professionals and Commercial Real Estate Professionals appreciate the comfortable and relaxed on-site Continuing Education Training Facilities too.

Main Lobby – Old Glory & FCR Mission Statement