Historic Sites

Historic Sites
Need Legendary Care

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To see how we have helped customers with protecting National Treasures, Legendary Facilities, Historic Properties and locally valued Sites including those on the National Register of Historic Places.

Full Circle has long assisted these buildings from experiencing additional damage through emergency board-up and stabilization services, as well as emergency mitigation. Our crew appreciates the opportunity to bring these cherished properties back to their full luster under our high-quality restoration practices, and where coverage exists with extensive insurance claim documentation, facilitation and negotiation.

We understand that catastrophe, tragedy and disaster can strike in an instant and the longer your facility or home is exposed to the elements, the more damage that is done…

With these sensitive environments our goal is to first Stabilize and Protect appropriately, then, Preserve and ultimately Restore to pre-loss condition.  We work to minimize downtime, while reducing negative impact to the property, and focus on preserving the historic essence which makes the site special.  We know that some mitigation companies can’t recognize and appreciate the historic nature of these sites and can unfortunately, do irreversible additional damage before becoming aware… That is why Full Circle Restoration wants to be at your property immediately after the incident.

We respond immediately to your call with the assets and resources to make things happen fast including Emergency Mitigation/Water Extraction, Insurance Claim Documentation & Facilitation, Dehumidification and other essential services.  One of our professional mitigation experts follows up with an on-site inspection and insurance claim compliant estimate(s). 

Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s former Church
Former The Mansion Restaurant (Currently SCAD – Savannah College of Art & Design) Formerly Edward C. Peter’s House / Ivy Hall