Contractor Selection

How do I Know

The following information is provided for your consideration and evaluation, hopefully before an incident occurs and you have a need for emergency mitigation service.  However, if the need arises and this is your first time considering a company like Full Circle, briefly ponder the criteria below to see if you are on the right path to selecting the contractor that will best suit your needs. 

Validate information offered and confirm through references. We hope this tool helps you in your evaluation of companies.

Restoration Contractor Evaluation Criteria?


Contractor has an adequate number of Full-time Workers on staff to dedicate to your loss to supervise laborers and the  Equipment necessary to handle any type, size, scope of loss/project that your facility may encounter.


Contractor has an adequate number of Trained, Certified, Experienced Full-time Workers on staff to dedicate to your loss to supervise laborers and the Specialty Equipment in stock and on-hand (not rental equipment-which is more expensive) necessary to handle any type, size, scope of loss/project that your facility may encounter.


  • ImportantTime in the Restoration Business: _____ Years
  • ImportantTime working Mitigation/Remediation in the field _____ Years
  • ImportantIICRC Certified Firm? Yes / No _____ Years
  • ImportantIICRC Certifications/Professional Designations held by your assigned Tech(s)
    • RequiredFire – FSRT – Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technician _____ Years
    • RequiredWater – WRT – Water Damage Restoration Technician _____ Years
    • RequiredWater – ASD – Applied Structural Drying _____ Years
    • RequiredBio/Trauma – CBRT – ABRA Certified Bio Recovery Technician _____ Years
    • RequiredBio/Trauma – TCST – Trauma and Crime Scene Technician _____ Years
    • RequiredMold – AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician _____ Years
    • OptionalWater – CDS – Commercial Drying Specialist _____ Years
    • OptionalWater – BMT – Building Moisture Thermography _____ Years
    • OptionalMold – HST – Health and Safety Technician _____ Years
    • OptionalOdor – OCT – Odor Control Technician _____ Years


Probe through discussion to determine that the contractor and individual assigned to your project has an extensive amount of real field experience as the primary on-site manager of “large-loss projects” (define “Large-Loss” using Largest Project in Dollars ($ US), Largest Project Size (SF & # of Floors – What is large to one person may be small to another), Most Challenging in Scope, Most Challenging Environment, Toughest Obstacle to overcome on a Project, or Tightest Deadline met.  Identify how the contractor offers solutions or solves communication issues in a multi-tenant/multi-resident/multi-customer loss.


Probe through discussion to identify the most innovative solution to a challenging situation or to overcome a major obstacle which helped to meet expectations, budgets, deadlines, save money or time, alleviate a highly-pressurized circumstance/situation, etc.


Identify longevity with key client/customer relationships and check references from customers with environments and demands similar to yours. 

Why is any of this important?

Full Circle has seen lots of mitigation, restoration and construction companies come and go in Atlanta over the last 2 decades…

  • Large and small,
  • Regional and national,
  • Capable and “Not So Much”

Competition is a healthy thing…

Atlanta is a very competitive market and there are hundreds of companies providing some of the services FCR does and that have websites in the metro-area.  This competition keeps market rates in line, keeps driving companies to provide a higher level of service, and it continuously pushes companies to learn more, grow faster and perform better.

Competition also naturally creates a hierarchy of talents and skills.  Unfortunately, we find that many of these companies who claim to possess the ability to do what we do every day, only to fall short in the eyes of the customer.  This is especially true when it comes to the commercial, institutional and other similar demanding customers/environments.

This is not to say that there aren’t other capable Restoration Companies in Atlanta or that they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to mitigation or remediation or restoration.  It simply means that they aren’t capable of delivering on the entire “package” with near flawless execution, in highly demanding environments, which experience challenging and massive emergency mitigation circumstances.

These market segments can’t afford to take a chance on the unknown of a company cutting it teeth when the health and safety and sometimes lives of their customers are on the line, when millions of dollars of lost revenue are at play each day of downtime, when the job has to be done quickly, and when the job must be done right the first time.

My friend’s in construction, he can handle it… One Major Wrinkle…This is not to say that these companies are not capable or knowledgeable about construction, but mitigation and restoration is very different than regular/new construction.  It is similar to remodeling or renovation work in the reconstruction phase with at least ONE MAJOR WRINKLE… The Insurance Claim. 

On average our professionals have decades of working under the burdens of the Insurance Industry Claims Process and Intricacies.  The typical contractor does not own the very expensive software required by the Insurance Industry, has little to no understanding of Policy Coverage and Limitations, is unaware of Insurance Adjuster Allowances and Dis-allowances, inexperienced in Insurance Claim Negotiation, is unfamiliar Insurance Claim Documentation, and can’t fathom meeting a budget under Project Estimation using Insurance Market Pricing.

This is one reason why many renowned construction companies, specialty contractors, and property and facilities managers in the Atlanta area call on Full Circle for their mitigation and remediation needs.  They understand how different the insurance arena is and how important downtime is in terms of time and money with regard to a business, educational or healthcare operation, or a project.  These pros  understand the resources and assets required to meet the immediate needs of their organization under emergency circumstances and the speed and versatility it takes to get the job done right so that they can get back to doing what they do best, build and operate big beautiful facilities.

Jan. 2011 Blizzard – FCR On-Campus, working within 1-hour of first notice of loss, when no other restoration company was responding to situations around ATL.
World-class customer/client service and communication combined with detailed/required insurance claim documentation.
Full Circle serves very demanding, challenging, high-security and sensitive environments and market segments.