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Full Circle Trained personnel use state-of-the-art technology including infrared thermography, high-performance commercial dehumidification, Xactimate, & a tremendous assortment of small/portable, truck-mounted & trailer-mounted large-scale drying equipment to satisfy/estimate/scope the smallest & largest-scale jobs efficiently & effectively. Full Circle is a licensed & insured general contractor in the state of Georgia with expertise extending across many business segments & environments while supporting:

  • Building Owners/Business Managers
  • Facilities Managers, Asset Managers, Property Managers & Engineers
  • Risk Managers & Insurance Managers
  • Insurance Companies, Claims Adjusters, Agents & Brokers
  • Law Enforcement & Medical Examiners
  • Single Family & Multi-family Residential Homeowners, Condo Owners & Tenants/Renters &
  • Many others


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