After the Disaster:
Dos & Don’ts

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To see how we have solved emergency mitigation and restoration issues utilizing specialty equipment, technology and our fleet of vehicles and uniquely-designed trailer-mounted equipment.

We understand that catastrophe, tragedy and disaster can strike in an instant and the longer your facility or home is exposed to the elements, the more damage that is done… That’s why we have invested heavily in these items and the continuous training needed to use it properly and effectively across a variety of hazards within a broad spectrum of environments.

Our goal is to minimize downtime, reduce negative impact, and get you back to normal quickly. We know we can lower expense and downtime when we can be at your property immediately after an incident, so give us a call as soon as you become aware of an occurrence.

We respond immediately to your call with the knowledgeable resources and assets to make things happen fast during Emergency Mitigation situations.  Then, one of our professional mitigation experts follows up with an on-site inspection and insurance claim compliant estimate(s).

26’ International Box Truck nicknamed “Harvey”