How We Are Different

Customer Centric

Full Circle is founded on a Customer Centric platform where there is nothing positioned above our customers’ safety and satisfaction.  Full Circle has commercial, institutional, residential and insurance relationships spanning decades with business tending to run North of 75% repeat customer and client referrals.  This can only happen if you are in the business of satisfying customers and making the client look good.


Secondarily, Full Circle has built a reputation based on responsiveness.  Under Emergency Mitigation circumstances Full Circle instantly moves into action to provide an immediate/rapid response, with resources and assets to get things done fast… proving time and again that we are forged in a mindset of urgency and positioned to respond to our customers needs immediately.


Our staff is comprised of several teams of trained and experienced members who continue to grow and give us the ability to respond in an instant with a solid crew to tackle projects of varying sizes.  We perform projects ranging from small water damages with a team of 2 to massive projects where the emergency mitigation teams numbered in the hundreds for critical infrastructure and healthcare facilities experiencing catastrophic water damage involving millions of gallons of water flowing down several stories.


Full Circle’s corporate headquarters in Duluth, GA, is conveniently located to allow an exceptionally fast and reliable response to Atlanta-based businesses. Our headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility that serves as the launchpad for our highly trained disaster response teams and our warehouse serving as a staging platform for a broad and deep selection of specialized equipment and technology.


Our vast experience allows us to assist businesses and insured customers in a variety of situations as is evidenced by our portfolio of previous business. Our mitigation specialists have provided invaluable service and incredible savings to a diverse range of facilities for a wide mixture of hazards. We have the experience and ability to mitigate further risk when responding to a fire, flood, windstorm, bio-hazard, accidental discharge of an enviro/chemical hazard or fire sprinkler system, explosion, mold/lead contamination and many other perils and exposures.


Our professionals are experienced, trained, and certified (IICRC, ABRA/NIDS and others). The Full Circle team is comprised of premiere experts in emergency response, disaster recovery, mitigation, remediation, restoration and reconstruction and as a licensed General Contractor in Georgia for residential and commercial work.


The complexion of the Full Circle Team is one of diversity in background, experience, expertise, age, color, culture, abilities, personal talents, strengths, hobbies, knowledge, education, and many other attributes. However, to be a part of the team at Full Circle we find we must all share a common passion… That of serving our customer to the best of our ability and finding innovative ways to make the impossible happen while leveraging proven techniques.

Reliability & Consistency

Most of our business comes from repeat customers who have relied on us for our consistency over years if not decades. We have provided just a handful of recent testimonials from various industries in our focus market segments from both long-standing and new relationships.