Insurance Coverage

Risk Mitigation for Customers & Clients

Full Circle is in the business of Mitigation, not just Construction…

We work hard to get our customers back in business quickly after the chaos of a disaster, though managed teams, established protocols and industry recognized processes.  Our teams follow certain standardized business practices to ensure quality and reduce risk for our company and that of our clients and customers.

We have built a Disaster Response and Disaster Recovery business model which incorporates weekly training that is geared around Safety, Risk Mitigation and Customer Satisfaction.  We use only Prequalified Subcontractors and Vendors, train our teams to identify and reduce the possibility of Secondary Damage and if possible, Incidental Damage, as well as take proactive steps to reduce Unintended Consequences through:•On-site Project Management,•On-site Job Monitoring, and•On-site Evaluation of Job Performance by Members of Management.

Full Circle is a Licensed GC in the State of Georgia and is Bondable for larger projects requiring so.

Another key component to our Risk Mitigation Plan is to invest in a series of substantial insurance policies to provide comprehensive coverage for Full Circle and our customers as Additional Named Insureds.  Our policies provide valuable protection including:

  • $10.0mm  Umbrella
  • $2.0mm  General Liability
  • $2.0mm  Pollution Liability
  • $1.0mm  Automotive Liability
  • $1.0mm  Workman’s Comp
  • $400k  Bailee Coverage (for 3rd Party content transport & storage)
  • $2.0mm Errors & Omissions
FCR uses a combination of comprehensive Insurance Coverage, Job Monitoring, Project Management, Performance Management, and Training to Mitigate Risk for Customers, Clients and FCR.