Sewage Backup – Microbial Growth – Alpharetta, GA

If you have experienced water damages to your home or business that was not noticed until you either smelled that distinct odor or see visual microbial growth, call Full Circle Restoration.

Our trained and certified technicians can determine the cause of the damages and assess what steps are necessary to properly remediate and repair the damaged areas.

If it becomes an insurance claim, Full Circle’s experienced personnel will work with your adjuster to generate documentation to assure your claim is handled and will include:

  • Complete assessment of area(s) detailing scope of work and protocol for remediation
  • Construct barriers of area to be remediated to maintain safety and cross contamination
  • Follow all IICRC S520 guidelines for complete remediation
  • If elected, provide third party post clearance testing/report to ensure environment is back to pre-loss condition

Dependent upon the circumstances and source additional services may include:

  • Mitigation – Water Extraction & Dehumidification Services to dry out the structure
  • Demolition – Select or Complete Demo of damaged areas of the structure
  • Moisture Detection – Using safe, State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Content Management – Packing, Removal, Cleaning/Decontamination/Deodorizing and Storage, for contents which may include: Books, Documents, Equipment, Machinery, Electronic Systems Panels, Conveyors, Racks /Shelving, Computers, Cubicles, Furniture (Upholstered & Case Goods), Electronics, Artwork, Appliances, and Clothing, etc.
  • Systems & Fixture Cleaning – HVAC System, Air Ducts, Lighting, etc.
  • Document Drying – Drying, Cleaning and/or Restoration of Documents, Files, Books, Photos, Film, and other Media types, etc.
  • Structural Repair & Reconstruction – As a Licensed General Contractor by the State of Georgia we can restore a structure or completely rebuild a facility or home.
  • Insurance Claim Facilitation & Documentation – Complete insurance-friendly/compliant documentation of specific details, expertise using the insurance-industry-dictated software and pricing service for insurance estimates, and negotiation of claim to ultimately return your facility or home to “Pre-loss Condition”.