Hazmat Spills

CommRE Hazmat Spill – Atlanta, GA

Understanding the complexities that come with an accidental release, chemical leak or hazardous material spill on commercial property grounds, on construction sites, on the rooftop of a high-rise, or inside of a single-story structure can be like a puzzle. Combine this situation with a structure fire, massive water damage or severe weather and you have an interesting challenge. Full Circle sees extreme projects like this all the time. You want and need a company that has a firm grasp on safe techniques and proper protocols, which comes with training and experience. Expertise comes with the practical experience of working on projects like these for decades, just like Full Circle’s team of professional mitigators. This doesn’t mean that Full Circle has all of the answers to every puzzle, however, we appropriately join with other professionals in our industry and parallel industries to ensure the project is completed safely and thoroughly. Full Circle has even enlisted the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the GA Environmental Protection Division (EPD) on projects, even when there is regulatory requirement to do so, in an effort to reduce or mitigate the risk of liability or potential of possible fines.

Full Circle Restoration’s experience and expertise will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that cleaning of the affected area and disposal of hazardous materials is done with care by a knowledgeable, professional team who also ensures proper documentation of the incident, of the work completed and proper disposal of regulated material through a state authorized facility with proper transfer manifests for the protection of every party involved.

For over 2 decades FCR has serviced the Atlanta-metro area providing superior service and customer satisfaction. Full Circle Restoration is a licensed General Contractor in the State of Georgia and will manage/monitor the general site conditions, timelines/scheduling, will audit material handling & documentation/disposal manifests, equipment needs/use, adherence to overall work-site safety and cleaning, equipment/material/debris decontamination or disposal, continuous and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as overall project management and communication with daily updates and weekly summaries distributed to the project’s key contacts.

Full Circle has the proven experience in coordination, communication, documentation, and demonstration of real work/action with a premier list of clients to:

  • Immediate response to your facility with personnel and equipment to begin mitigation process
  • Develop coordinated clean up and disposal plan with property owner/management including providing an immediate assessment of scope & nature of services required & develop an effective plan for appropriate response to needs & supervise crew(s) & identify & secure all goods, materials, equipment & labor required for the project
  • Comply with all applicable local, state, & federal laws, regulations, building codes & policies including: ADA, collection & disposal of hazardous materials & debris with the proper documentation/manifests for large & small projects
  • Comply with GEMA/FEMA, other agencies and insurance carrier documentation standards and formats
  • Comply with insurance &/or bond requirements agreed to by contract
  • Coordinate with EPA/EPD, as necessary, confirming to them our protocol for cleaning and disposal of hazardous materials to minimize customer/client liability/risk of fines
  • Provide any repairs necessary to bring property back to pre-loss condition