Ray Paul Powder Coating – Fire Damage 12-27-2018

If you have had a fire at your business or home, Full Circle Restoration provides all services necessary to get you back to normal as quickly as possible. Our team of professionals are trained and certified in Fire Damage Mitigation and Smoke Odor /Soot Removal.

Additionally, as a Licensed General Contractor, we will work with your insurance company, and all parties associated with the claim, to coordinate every facet of the loss from Emergency Stabilization to Final Move-in… All conveniently managed by Full Circle, so you have the convenience of a Single Point of Contact working on your behalf, backed-up by an entire team of people well versed in making it happen fast.

Having one company provide all services associated with your fire loss, Full Circle Restoration will be at your side from start to finish, assuring you the fastest and most professional way to manage your project, leaving you to attend to the personal matters associated with your claim.

Services may include:

  • Stabilization – Emergency Board Up and Security of the Property
  • Mitigation – Water Extraction & Dehumidification Services to dry out the structure
  • Demolition – Select or Complete Demo of damaged areas of the structure
  • Smoke, Soot and Odor Removal – Using safe, State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Content Management – Packing, Removal, Cleaning/Decontamination/Deodorizing and Storage, for contents which may include: Books, Documents, Equipment, Machinery, Electronic Systems Panels, Conveyors, Racks /Shelving, Computers, Cubicles, Furniture (Upholstered & Case Goods), Electronics, Artwork, Appliances, and Clothing, etc. Systems & Fixture Cleaning – HVAC System, Air Ducts, Lighting, etc.
  • Document Drying – Drying, Cleaning and/or Restoration of Documents, Files, Books, Photos, Film, and other Media types, etc.
  • Architect Services – We have Outsource Relationships who work with our aggressive timelines where necessary
  • Structural Repair & Reconstruction – As a Licensed General Contractor by the State of Georgia we can restore a structure or completely rebuild a facility or home.
  • Insurance Claim Facilitation & Documentation – Complete insurance-friendly/compliant documentation of specific details, expertise using the insurance-industry-dictated software and pricing service for insurance estimates, and negotiation of claim to ultimately return your facility or home to “Pre-loss Condition”.