Environmental-Structural Cleaning:

Electrostatic Spraying – CommRE – Duluth, GA

There are times when instances occur where it is determined that specific cleaning is required to remove contaminants found in structures prior to re-entering a space. Having the right company to clean and/or disinfect property is vital to the health and wellbeing of individuals entering the space. Count on Full Circle’s experience and expertise to decontaminate and/or disinfect property due to:

  • Fire, smoke and soot odor
  • Microbial growth and odor associated with it
  • Lead & Asbestos abatement and decontamination
  • Sewage clean up and decontamination
  • Viral, Bacterial, Fungicidal, Allergens cleaning utilizing a EPA registered botanical disinfectant

Capability, Experience, Expertise: The Full Circle team is comprised of premiere experts in emergency response, disaster recovery, mitigation, remediation, restoration, and reconstruction and FCR is a licensed General Contractor in Georgia for the commercial and residential categories. Our teams primarily support commercial, institutional, industrial, healthcare, municipal, governmental, food service and residential environments.

During COVID-19…

Full Circle Restoration (FCR) supports the fight against the Covid-19 virus. Establishing a Safe Work Environment: It is FCR’s priority to protect its employees, customers, and their properties from this world-wide pandemic. As a result, FCR has canceled all internal nonessential meetings, that would draw people together, and all other meetings are now being handled remotely.

We have taken active measures to ensure our associates’ safety and that of our customers and clients including:

  • Increased to twice-a-day cleanings of our office area with focus on “touch surfaces”,
  • Instructed employees to clean FCR response vehicles after each loss, with focus on touch surfaces,
  • Provided instruction on all norms of social distancing, and
  • Conducted refresher training on personal protective equipment (PPE).

Full Circle Restoration follows industry accepted, pre-established procedures and safety protocols. Our team of mitigation and disaster response professionals are experienced, trained, and certified (IICRC, ABRA/NIDS, RIA, OSHA, and other international and US organizations).

Cleaning Protocol: FCR has developed a cleaning protocol with CDC guidelines and other industry standards using EPA registered disinfectants. FCR’s protocol has different levels of response, ranging from; proactive cleaning, to suspected Covid-19 cases, to confirmed Covid-19 cases.

In addition to the Cleaning protocol our processes also include:

  • PPE necessary for our workers,
  • Critical barriers if appropriate, and
  • Approved application method(s) of an EPA Registered Disinfectant(s) (concentrating on touch surfaces).

Effective Cleaning: Full Circle is experienced in handling large and complex cleaning projects involving many different bacteria, viruses, and hazardous materials and chemicals which are US EPA Registered and carry an EPA Kill Claim at 99.99% for emerging viruses and a sealant option proven by labs to provide surface protection up to 14 days. These agents are effective against many existing emerging viral pathogens including:

  • COVID-19 (Corona Virus)
  • SARS-CoV-2 (Corona 2)
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • H1N1 Type A Influenza (Swine Flu)
  • HIV-1 AIDS Virus
  • Norovirus
  • MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (sin-SISH-uhl)

Effective Methods & Technology: Our cleaning methods employ a broad spectrum of tools and processes from hand wiping to high-tech spraying to achieve “Clean” using botanical cleaning and disinfecting agents which are safe for occupied structures. Our methods may also include technology to improve effectiveness including electrostatic sprayers, ULV foggers, and HEPA Air Filtration which are safe, effective, and proven. FCR utilizes air-assisted electrostatic sprayers that produce electrically charged microscopic droplets which are carried to all surfaces in a low-pressure, gentle air stream. An electrical charge is applied to the spray droplets which causes them to be attracted to surfaces by electrostatic forces. The charge induced is strong enough to allow the droplets to move in any direction and cover all surfaces – even defying gravity to coat the undersides of desks and cubicles. As a result, a uniform spray coverage is applied that goes into even the most microscopic crevices that are invisible to the human eye.

FAQs – Re: “Extended Surface Protection”

Q – Here in ATL we have heard, directly from a competitor that they use a product delivering 90 days up to 6 months of protection against coronavirus after the initial application… Has there been a legitimately validated “Extended Surface Protection” product introduced to the market recently or identified among existing products, which is capable of providing a longer lasting affect than a “Disinfectant Sealer w/a Hospital grade Citric Acid additive (estimated at up to 14 days” If so, what is the maximum duration and what is/are the key/active ingredient(s)?

A – Essentially, if it is a US EPA Registered N List Product, the Extended Protection is technically protecting the surface not an individual touching the surface. By design these are truly intended only to keep the virus from propagating, proliferating, or replicating on the surface, NOT to protect the person touching the surface from contracting the virus.

Michael Pinto, WonderMakers Environmental

Q – At a recent inquiry before a Restoration Industry Panel of Experts (RIA & IICRC Member Companies) … What is the biggest mistake most restoration companies and janitorial companies seem to be making during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

A – Many of these Spray and Pray companies are not using Proper Wiping Techniques, Electrostatic Sprayers for more uniform or complete coverage of product, and certainly aren’t following industry association recommendations in their marketing… using words like “Disinfect”, “Decontaminate”, “Sanitize”, and “Guarantee”… “No, there is no Silver Bullet.

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